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Remote Viewing - Level II (ERV) Intensive

Journey into the Matrix


In this special weekend workshop, graduates of Level I - Controlled Remote Viewing will learn the more advanced protocols of phases 4, 5, and 6, before entering into the ethereal mist of the “collective unconscious” in the deeply altered states of Extended Remote Viewing.

Author and remote viewing trainer at the world renowned Monroe Institute, Paul Elder has designed this workshop offering a composite of the skills and techniques developed while training with the original Star Gate remote viewers.

During the first half of the workshop, the protocols and structure of CRV are expanded into the widely enhanced perception of aesthetics, emotionals, intangibles, and even the very heart of the viewer’s own soul. Viewers’ sketches and perceptions become more detailed “renderings” and students often feel a sense of bi-location and flight to the target site.

As training moves forward into the realms of Extended Remote Viewing (ERV), students learn new applications such as map-dowsing and object remote viewing, in addition to challenging real, live, out-bounder sessions and actual operational targets.

Extended Remote Viewing (ERV) takes the art of remote viewing to a new level of understanding in the “Matrix of all Creation.” With the structured protocol of CRV left behind, the student learns to travel via ultra deep “Theta” brain-wave states into an experiential based understanding of our true spiritual origins and our connection to all things and all knowledge in the universe.



Upon completion of the Advanced Remote Viewing Intensive, graduates receive:
• Special “Enhanced altered state CD” for home use.
• Advanced Remote Viewing manual.



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