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Remote Viewing Intensive (Level III)

Touring the Matrix


In this dynamic workshop of enhanced perceptual energetics, graduates of Level II - Extended Remote Viewing learn to apply their psychic and intuitive skills to real life applications and situations.

During this fast paced intensive, students learn to bring together all of their remote viewing skills and experiences to move confidently into the deep ethereal realms of mind and spirit. In Touring the Matrix, graduates are encouraged to leave behind any perceived limitations of their intuitive abilities to expand into a new understanding of who they really are. Exploring the essence of human consciousness, students learn to explore and often re-define their own unique relationship to the matrix and all living souls.

As students experience the widening parameters of their own consciousness, they are challenged to apply their remote viewing skills to real life operation targets such as humanitarian missions, locating missing persons, working police cold-case files and unsolved crimes. Employing the use of advanced psychic tools for information retrieval, students will be challenged on a progressive array of targets.

In addition to developing new skill sets, Level II graduates will learn more advanced processes such as Associative Remote Viewing (the prediction of future events and outcomes.) And, to add a healthy measure of fun and excitement, the class will work as a group in attempting to predict the out-come of an actual sporting event, horse race, or other event, including sharing the results.

Touring the Matrix is about service to mankind. Students can elevate the art and science of remote viewing to a new level of human awareness in a fully conscious universe.

Friday evening 7 -  9:30 PM, Saturday & Sunday 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM

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