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‘Soul Therapy’ Workshops

‘Soul Therapy’ workshops begin at 10:00 AM with a Monroe Institute Hemi-Sync assisted Past Life Regression workshop. Following lunch, while the deep relaxation and euphoria of the earlier session lingers, participants are guided into a profoundly awakening Breathwork session.

Soul Therapy “Past Life Regression” Workshop

The first seminar in this "Soul Therapy Series," is a Past Life Regression workshop in which participants, assisted by patented Hemi-Sync audio technology from the Monroe Institute, are led through progressive levels of hypnotic regression to experience and remember one or more past lives which may be of significance to the participant's present lifetime and circumstances. Participants find the seminar a very healing and empowering experience.

Soul Therapy “Breathwork” Workshop

Facilitated with special Hemi-Sync tones, this two hour workshop is a breath work experience referred to as "Soul Therapy." Utilizing a simple, yet powerful, breathing technique, this gentle methodology has proven to be profoundly energizing for body and soul. Related to ancient yogic pranayama and kundilini practices, this special form of breath work cleanses the physical, emotional and mental aspects of the body, bringing about a new integration of mind, body and spirit for a powerful, healing transformation.

Within minutes workshop participants feel the powerful effects of the breathwork and Hemi-Sync. Completely safe and healthy, participants may feel euphoria and elation, with a remarkable new lightness in their bodies... Some have enjoyed spontaneous past-life and out-of-body experiences.

From our time in the womb to the present, we all store the imprints of powerful emotions and sometimes traumatic experiences in the cells of our bodies. Soul Therapy Breathwork facilitates and encourages the release of these emotional energies allowing participants to move into a new level of understanding and balance in life.

As both sessions are experienced while reclined, participants should bring a small air mattress or comfortable foam pad, along with warm blankets and a pillow.



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