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"If you want to open your own conversations with God, this is a book you should read."

— Neale Donald Walsch, author

Conversations with God


“Paul Elder’s Eyes of an Angel is a huge contribution toward the understanding of our ultimate potential. It will become a benchmark along with other pioneers in the exploration of consciousness and its deeper dimensions.”

— Dale E. Graff, physicist, author, researcher,
former director of "Project Star Gate"

“Paul Elder’s new book, Eyes of an Angel, has been described as a chronicle on the subject of soul travel, angels, spirit guides, soul mates, and love. For me, it’s all this and more. This tome tells the story of a man I have known and worked with for years — a gentle family man, whose experiences have shown him the reality of his spiritual identity. Reading this wonderfully written book enables all to vicariously participate in Paul’s experiences, to see life through the eyes of this angel and through that vision find out who we really are. Thank you, Paul, for this heartfelt gift to humanity.”

— F. Holmes "Skip" Atwater
Monroe Institute Research Director

Former "Star Gate" Operations Officer


Eyes of an Angel is, without doubt, the most inspirational book I've ever had the privilege of reading.  Brilliantly written from start to finish, this truly is a book you can’t put down.  Inspirational, motivational and compelling, it provides a complete reflection of the inner realities. You will not find any fantasy-driven esoteric occultism, or mystical "mumbo jumbo" within the pages of this book — only the amazing life of a man who tells you everything with humility, sincerity and unconditional love.

                                   — Adrian Cooper, author 

                                      Our Ultimate Reality

“This is a must read book for any spiritual seeker. Paul Elder reveals his firsthand experiences with spirit guides and other cosmic energies that lays to rest the close-minded views of the nay-sayers. Read this book and you will be a believer. It will change your life.”

— R.T. Stone, author
The Journals — Into the Gulf


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Paul Elder - Eyes of an Angel | Remote Viewing